Mad Men
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Not everything revolves around Don: at Soap Fetish, it's all about Dick. In this case, he's known as The Dark Knight, mysterious & sophisticated in scents of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood & the barest hint of floral. Handjobs are Dirty White Boy, in a creamy coconut, & Whack Job, in dominant notes of vanilla, amber & sandalwood. And nothing says elegance like a little black dick atop a sleek white bar: our Black Tie trio is scented with peppercorn, leather, warm woods, patchouli, musk & citrus. Now wash your hands before you make that martini...

Every handjob comes with it's own made-in-America wooden soap dish.  (Want to substitute "A Perfect Pair" for two Handjobs?  Just specify in "special instructions" upon checkout!)

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Mad Men

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