Horton Hears a Who-Ha
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Horton Hears a Who-ha

Yes, they speak - you just have to listen!  And if Dr. Seuss had made this gorgeous pink and yellow darling, he'd be saying something really clever, we're sure.

How 'bout:          "Forget green eggs, forget the ham,
                    Don't give a thought to Sam I Am.
                    No need to think about The Cat,
                    or all the tricks inside his hat.
                    Just get a bar of this fine soap,
                    a bit of fun upon a rope!"

Okay, we're not Dr. Seuss, but we do make a good soap, and Horton has just the right amount of whimsy - and the glorious scents of tangerine, berries, tulips, honeysuckle, woods & musk.

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Horton Hears a Who-Ha

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